Occupational medicine

Project No. FF-FB0320 Individual prevention of workplace related musculoskeletal disorders

Project No. FF-FB0323 Establishment of a cohort for long-term observation of occupational dermatological patients for whom the so-called "Molecular Classifier" for differentiating between atopic eczema and psoriasis was performed

Project No. FF-FB0325 EVALUNG - Evaluation and quality assurance in the extended screening program of the German Social Accident Insurance for early detection of asbestos-related lung diseases using low-dose computed tomography

Project No. FF-FP0365 Application of dynamic olfactometry for MRI examinations of sensory irritant effects

Project No. FF-FP0444 Light and Shiftwork - Intervention study on lighting and shift work

Project No. FF-FP0474 Synthetic mineral fibers to predict the inflammatory effects of natural fibers

Project No. FF-FR0252 Comparative study of aseptic and septic non-unions: lnfluence of systemic and local factors on bone metabolism and fracture healing.

Project No. FF-FR0332 Tibiotalar fusion: Survey of biomechanical-functional and health economic parameters to assess the recovery of foot function after tibiotalar arthrodesis

Project No. FF-FR0335 Establishment of a 3D organotypic co-culture model of skin for the investigation of biofilm related implant infections

Project No. FF-FR0342 Fibrin Glue vs. Suture Repair in Digital Nerve Transection

Project No. IPA144 Molecular markers for early detection of cancer follow-up

Project No. IPA145 Bioaerosols based adverse health effects – Investigation of cellular pathomechanisms and optimization of IgE- and IgG-mediated allergy diagnosis

Project No. IPA178 Impact of different mask types for prevention of SARS-CoV-2 on cardiopulmonary performance and subjective impairment during physical work

Skin and respiratory diseases

Project No. FF-FB0096 Medical-occupational rehabilitation of work-related dermatoses - optimizing and quality-management of an integrated interdisciplinary medical and educational programme of tertiary prevention

Project No. FF-FB0259 Verification of new molecular markers for early diagnosis of lung tumors for follow-up examinations (PURE - Lung Verification)

Project No. FF-FB0279 Evaluation of an "early reporting procedure respiratory tract" for the prevention of occupational diseases (BK) of numbers 4301 (incl. rhinopathy), 4302 and 1315 (without alveolitis) in three pilot regions of different industrial characteristics

Project No. FF-FB0317A Quality assurance of the diagnosis of occupational type I allergies

Project No. FF-FB0317B Quality assurance of the diagnosis of occupational type IV allergies

Projekt-Nr. FF-FB0345 Clinical and molecular indicators of malignant progression of actinic keratosis

Project No. FF-FP0370 Estimation on the diagnostic value of physical properties of endogenously generated exhaled aerosols in occupational lung disease

Project No. IPA48 Noninvasive techniques in the monitoring of occupational pulmonary diseases

Project No. IPA109 Burden of animal allergens among veterinary medicine students in Germany (longitudinal study)

Project No. IPA111 Quantification of allergens

Project No. IPA164 Occupational Dermatology

Project No. VMBG06#025 "Med 24" - Study on the cutaneous tolerance of different cleaners and on the protective effect of skin protectants


Project No. IPA22 Development of biomonitoring methods for the determination of the internal and effective dose after Exposure to chemical compounds

Project No. IPA23 Development of analytical methods for the determination of Early Biological Effects and Altered Structure and Function after Exposure to Carcinogenic and Mutagenic Compounds

Project No.: IPA74 Development of Methods for Determination of Cellular Effects after Exposure to Dangerous Substances

Project No. IPA134 Toxicological and functional analysis of new and substitute products


Project No.: FF-FP0321 Pilot study to assess the influence of shift work on health - Analysis of the influence of shift work to metabolomic concentration- and hormone profiles on nurses

Project No.: FF-FR0316 Epidemiology of post-traumatic lymphedema

Project No. IPA12 Biobanking