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DGUV Films

The following films of the German statutory accident insurance (sorted by year of manufacture) are available for download.

Download: In good hands
wmv; 23.661 kB (WMV, 24.2 MB)
Year of publication: 2011, 2:05 min

Download: A century BG Research
wmv; 56.290 kB (WMV, 57.6 MB)
Year of publication: 2005, 9:00 min

Download: As matters stand
wmv; 62.397 kB (MPG, 246.1 MB)
Year of publication: 1964, 53 min

DVD: Protected Hands
wmv; 21.842 kB (WMV, 44.5 MB)
Year of publication:2007, 5:42 min, in German


Napo is an original idea conceived by a small group of OSH communications professionals in response to the need for high quality information products to break down national boundaries and address the diverse cultures, languages and practical needs of people at work. Each film is co-produced by a number of European Institutions. The Film Consortium - HSE (UK); DGUV (Germany); INAIL (Italy); INRS (France); SUVA (Switzerland); and, AUVA (Austria) - emerged from the European Year of Safety and Health 1992/3, and the European Film Festival held in Thessaloniki in 1992.