Working conditions

Biological and chemical hazards, exposure to hazardous substances

Project No. FF-FP0456 Development and evaluation of an analysis system for the automated, scanning electron microscopic determination of asbestos fibre concentrations after lowered acceptance threshold

Project No. FF-FP0461 Development of a new method with the aim of analysing N-nitrosamines in workplace air within the scope of occupational safety - NNOccSafe

Project No. FF-FP0469 Development and evaluation of a test standard for the effectiveness of air purifiers in reducing the viral load in indoor air


Project No. FF-FP0458 Collaborative project: Integration of activity-specific load alternation to reduce the physical demands during takt work


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- no projects at this time -


Project No. FF-FP0415 Single shocks on hand-arm system caused by machines and tools

Project No. FF-FP0476 Development of an automatically operating radon exposimeter "au.raex" for occupational radiation protection dosimetry related to Radon