Fields of Action

The six fields of action of the Culture of Prevention. Image is not barrier-free - , fields of action are listed below.
Source: DGUV

Culture of Prevention is a complex issue. The six fields of action are used to identify specific starting points for changing culture. Although they are all interrelated, they make it easier to develop individual measures. Thus, when first exploring the topic, companies and educational institutions can also decide to work on one field of action and then move on to the others. The Culture Dialogues for Prevention also follow this principle.

The six fields of Action:

Quick-Check for the fields of action

The QuickCheck uses six short questions to give companies and institutions an initial impression of the fields of action in which they can become active.

Ideally, the QuickCheck should be completed together with at least some employees. Participants who complete the QuickCheck will find areas of action where they think there is room for improvement. This means that the QuickCheck can serve as a starting point for taking action. To do this, real-life company examples from a field of action and possible ideas for change can be collected together.


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