Culture Dialogues for Prevention

Source: DGUV

Get talking

To ensure that safety and health are included in all decisions made in a company or educational institution, it helps to have regular discussions with staff about these topics. This can improve everyone’s understanding of how safe and healthy behaviour can function at a high level. The Culture Dialogues for Prevention help you get the conversation started.

The goal

The goal of the Culture Dialogues for Prevention is to start a conversation about safety and health, because only if these topics are discussed regularly can all members of a company or educational institution develop a common understanding of them. The talks can be about the six different fields of action – leadership, communication, participation, error culture, social climate, and safety and health. A joint dialogue makes it clear how situations are experienced in everyday work and how behaviour can be further developed in the future.

The 5-Level model helps to develop a shared standard of quality for cooperation, so that safety and health play a part in every situation of everyday working life.

What are the Culture Dialogues for Prevention?

The Culture Dialogues for Prevention consist of 30 dialogue cards to help everyone in a company or educational institution find examples of safety and health from their own everyday working life. They encourage people to talk about their own experiences. The dialogue cards, the participants’ own examples, and starting ideas for improving the situations mentioned can be written down on the included working poster. This documents the dialogue and keeps track of the results. The explanatory video on Culture Dialogues for Prevention explains the process in detail.

So that you can conduct the Culture Dialogues for Prevention together regardless of where the participants are located, a digital version in the form of a PowerPoint presentation is also available in addition to the classic dialogue box. The process for the dialogue remains almost identical, and everything can be documented on the digital working poster.

The dialogue box is available in German and English so that it’s possible for international teams to talk with one another. In addition, there are topic-specific dialogue card sets (see below) which can simply be downloaded as PDF files and printed out by the user; these allow a focused discussion about specific accident or hazard areas in the company.

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For the education sector, the dialogues are available under their own designations (German only):


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