Our commitment

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Our mission

Our mission is to be a global leader in the subject of occupational safety. We believe that all accidents can be prevented and we are prepared to act accordingly.

We are convinced that there is a moral, social and economic right to work in safety. Employees and employers can master risks together.

The basic rules of the Zero Accident Forum

  • Together with managerial and non-managerial staff, we develop and improve our occupational safety with the aim of preventing all accidents.
  • Workplace health and safety are part of our work.
  • We undertake to forward relevant occupational safety information (at least the accident rate, see point 7 of the contract) to the Zero Accident Forum on an annual basis.

Zero Accident Forum (ZAF) policy and principles – zero accident companies

  1. The ZAF is a network open exclusively to companies, institutions and business associations. It must not be misused for advertising.
  2. The ZAF is expressly open to small and medium-sized companies/institutions.
  3. The ZAF expressly aspires to an exchange across different industries and companies of all sizes.
  4. The ZAF is a voluntary network that does not pursue commercial interests.
  5. The ZAF wants to encourage greater acceptance of the topics of “safety culture” and “behaviour-based safety”.
  6. The ZAF promotes the exchange of good practical examples and thus learning from one another.
  7. Members of the ZAF disclose the accident rate per 1,000 employees annually.
  8. Members of the ZAF are committed to the following principles:
    • Every accident is avoidable.
    • Accidents don’t happen by accident.
    • Learning is the key to success.
  9. Members of the ZAF are also committed to the following principles:
    • They improve their occupational health and safety in line with the “zero accident” principle.
    • They are committed to communicating successful safety practices to other members.
    • They cooperate with their managerial and non-managerial staff to improve occupational health and safety.
    • They regard occupational health and safety as an inseparable part of their company’s success.


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