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Testing the bending strength of diamond abrasive cutting-off wheels
Source: IFA

Grinding tools are used extensively in industry and manual trades for treating surfaces and for separating and cutting objects. Since a break or failure of the grinding tool can present a severe hazard to people and machinery due to the high levels of energy released, high standards are placed on the mechanical and breaking strength of grinding tools in the appropriate European safety standards.

The test laboratory for grinding tools conducts the necessary safety tests on all types and sizes of grinding tools and on other rotating tools, including on:

  • Bonded abrasive products according to EN 12413
  • Coated abrasives according to EN 13743
  • Grinding tools with diamond or CBN (cubic boron nitride) according to EN 13236
  • Brush tools according to EN 1083
  • Woodworking tools according to EN 847.
Among the other duties are also the constant development and modification of the test procedures to keep up with the technological advancements in the tools as well as participation in the relevant national and international standard-setting bodies. The test laboratory for grinding tools also supports the institutions for statutory accident insurance and prevention, manufacturers, and grinding tool users in investigating damages and accidents.

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