Databases on hazardous substances (GESTIS)

GESTIS Substance Database
The GESTIS-Substance Database contains information for the safe handling of chemical substances at work, e. g. health effects, necessary protective measures and such in case of danger (incl. First Aid).

GESTIS Biological Agents Database
Open database Content The GESTIS Biological Agents Database contains information for safe activities with biological agents at the workplace, e.g. the required technical, organisational and personal protection measures in the case of specific ...

GESTIS-Stoffenmanager® is an online tool for risk assessment during activities with hazardous substances according to the TRGS 400 and for the non-measuring exposure estimation as required by TRGS 402. It helps identify health hazards arising from inhalative and dermal exposure and select effective protective measures to reduce these hazards.

ISi information system for safety data sheets
Open database (in German) The information system for safety data sheets (ISi) comprises a safety data sheet collection of more than 6 million SDSs. This has been recorded since the mid-1990s until the end of 2023. The information system for ...

GESTIS - Analytical methods for chemical agents
This database contains validated lists of methods from various EU member states described as suitable for the analysis of chemical agents at workplaces.

GESTIS - International Limit Values for Chemical Agents (GESTIS-ILV)
This database contains a collection of occupational limit values for hazardous substances gathered from various EU member states, ...

Under the EU REACH Chemical Regulation, a manufacturer registering substances under REACH must state assessment metrics which serve as a basis for the corresponding protective measures. Deduced levels of exposure below which a substance does not adversely affect human health are described as "derived no-effect levels" (DNELs).

GESTIS - Scientific criteria documents
In Germany, scientific criteria documents for the level of national workplace limit values and the body of data according to which hazardous substances are classified are not collected and published centrally....

Important combustion and explosion characteristics of more than 4000 dust samples from virtually all sectors of industry ...

Exposure database MEGA
The expoasure database "Measurement data related to workplace exposure to hazardous substandes" (MEGA) is a compilation of data...

Decentralised information systems within the GESTIS-network

operated by the Berufsgenossenschaften (BG), primarily sector-oriented information such as substance or product-related draft operating instructions or instructions for use:

  • GISBAU - Gefahrstoffinformationssystem bei der Berufsgenossenschaft der Bauwirtschaft (Information system on hazardous substances operated by the BG for the building and construction sector, in German)
  • GisChem - Gefahrstoffinformationssystem der Berufsgenossenschaft Rohstoffe und chemische Industrie (Hazardous substances information system of the BG for the raw materials and chemical industry, in German)