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Testing of the slip resistance of floor coverings for areas walked on in footwear
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Tripping, slipping and falling are among the most common causes of accidents, accounting for around 20% of all reportable occupational accidents. The properties of the floor can be assumed to be the most important factor in the avoidance of slip accidents. A suitably selected and correctly installed floor may provide adequate slip resistance irrespective of the footwear worn, and even where the floor surface is soiled or wet. This is the aspect addressed by the IFA's "Slip resistance of floor coverings" test laboratory. The laboratory tests and evaluates floor coverings against the relevant standards and DGUV specifications.

Specific measures for the avoidance of trip, slip and fall accidents are described in DGUV Rule 108-003, DGUV Informative Publication 207-006 and DGUV Informative Publication 208-041. The primary recommendation is always that floor coverings with sufficiently high slip resistance be selected and used.

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Testing of the slip resistance of floor coverings for areas walked upon barefoot
Source: IFA

DGUV Rule 108-003 describes the procedure for testing floor coverings in accordance with DIN 51130, and assigns floor coverings to the rating groups R9 to R13 according to their slip resistance. Floor coverings in rating group R9 have the lowest slip resistance properties, those in R13 the highest.

DGUV Informative Publication 207-006 formulates requirements in accordance with DIN 51097 to be met by floor coverings in areas exposed to moisture that are walked upon barefoot, and ranks the surfaces in the rating groups A, B or C according to the associated risk of slipping. Rating group A indicates the lowest requirements for slip resistance, C the highest.

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Measurement of the coefficient of dynamic friction
Source: IFA

DGUV Informative Publication 208-041 assists in evaluation of the risk of slipping under workplace conditions: the floor coverings are tested in accordance with DIN 51131 and their slip resistance evaluated by reference to the coefficient of dynamic friction.

The IFA test laboratory's services include:

  • Testing of the slip resistance to DIN 51130
  • Testing of the displacement space to DIN 51130
  • Testing of the slip resistance to DIN 51097
  • Measurement of the coefficient of dynamic friction by means of the GMG 200 tribometer to DIN 51131
  • On-site measurement service: evaluation in accordance with DGUV-I 208-041 of the risk of slipping under operational conditions in commercial or publicly accessible areas
  • Consulting with the German Social Accident Insurance Institutions, conducting of fundamental investigations
  • Consulting with operators, architects and manufacturers

The tests can take the form of orientation tests or of type examinations with issue of a test certificate and a DGUV test certificate.

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In German only:

DGUV Rule 108-003 (formerly BGR 181)

DGUV Information 207-006 (formerly BGI/GUV-I 8527)

DGUV Information 208-041 (formerly BGI/GUV-I 8687)

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