Registration/technical dossier

A "technical dossier" must be submitted to the Agency at the time of registration. The technical dossier contains data on the substances and information on the risk management measures. It must contain at least the following parts:

  • The identity of the manufacturer and importer, general information on the party subject to registration
  • The identity of the substance
  • Information on manufacture and use(s)
  • Classification and labelling
  • Guidance on safe use
  • Summary of studies

(REACH Regulation, Article 10 and Annex VI)

The further information requirements are staggered according to the quantities produced or imported each year:

1 t or more: see Annex VII of the REACH Regulation
10 t or more: see Annex VIII of the REACH Regulation
100 t or more: see Annex IX of the REACH Regulation
1000 t or more: see Annex X of the REACH Regulation

Registration includes the relevant use(s).