Musculoskeletal Workload

CUELA measurement system applied in practice

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CUELA measurement system applied in practice
Source: IFA

Test subject equipped with the CUELA measurement system on a ladder in the laboratory

Measurement in the laboratory (project osteoarthritis)
Source: IFA

The fields covered in the section "Musculoskeletal Workload" of the departmentErgonomics Physical Environmental Factors include production ergonomics and ergonomic databases, biomechanics along with physiological work design and musculo-skeletal work load. The focal points are:

  • Developing ergonomic methods and processes for recording and evaluating work-induced load on the musculo-skeletal system
  • Advising the accident insurers and firms on devising ergonomic workplaces and working environments
  • Conducting research projects on ergonomics at various workplaces in the laboratory and in practice
  • Ergonomic design of human-machine interfaces
  • Conducting measurements using the CUELA system for determining hazards of physical load in typical work situations on the job
  • Planning and setting up exposure databases on physical loads

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