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How can artificial intelligence support the safety inspection of machines? What does the increasing digitalization of human-machine interaction mean for occupational safety? How robust is Industry 4.0 against cyberattacks? These and other questions will be addressed by international experts in a digital lecture series developed by the IFA in cooperation with the Section Machine and System Safety of the International Social Security Association (ISSA).

Every Monday afternoon from April 15, 2024, you can look forward to an exciting hour of lectures and discussions in English. Registration is not necessary, you can simply dial in via the registration link to the WebEx conference. Please note that the starting time varies!

Date Topic Speaker
April 15th
2 pm (CEST)
Benefit of the security.txt file that you create in 5 minutes Jonas Stein
IFA, Sankt Augustin Germany
April 22nd
2 pm (CEST)
Robustness assessment of deep neural networks Paul-Martin Fechtner
IFA, Sankt Augustin Germany
April 29th
2 pm (CEST)
AI for supporting the examination of machines Oliver Schmitt
BGN, Mannheim Germany
May 6th
3 pm (CEST)
Change management between industry 4.0 and 5.0 - understanding the context of AI Lisa McGuire and Christy Michalak
May 13th
2 pm (CEST)
Industry 5.0: new Man-Machine Interaction
Alessandra Ferraro

May 20th no seminar due to Pentecost holiday
May 27th
3 pm (CEST)
Resilience of industry 4.0 during cyber-attacks: safety application for workers
Seminar on cyber threats and Industry 4.0 and crucial safety considerations for employers.
  • Develop and enhance your emergency planning, response and contingency plans to fortify worker safety and organizational resilience in the event of a cyber-attack.
  • Gain insights into safeguarding critical infrastructure, mitigating risks, and ensuring a robust response strategy.
  • Understand the physical and psychological risks to employers and management in an emergency scenario and prepare your organization to address them effectively.
  • Equip your team with the knowledge to protect your workforce and the integrity of your operations.
Lisa McGuire
CEO Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC

  • Dr. Ryan Heartfield, CTO and Chief Scientist, CyberLens
  • Roddy Govender, BC Regional Leader of Cyber Defense and Response, KPMG

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June 3rd
June 10th
2 pm (CEST)
Risk assessment for workers with CIEDs exposed by electromagnetic fields, “according to the German Ordinance on the protection of workers against hazards caused by electromagnetic fields (EMFV) Carsten Alteköster
IFA, Sankt Augustin
June 17th
2 pm (CEST)
Exoskeletons at work – Overview and evaluation for Occupational health and safety
Stephan Huis
BGN, Mannheim
June 24th
2 pm (CEST)
Occupational Safety in Collaborative Robot Applications Jan Zimmermann
IFA, Sankt Augustin Germany
July 1st
2 pm (CEST)
Ongoing legislation / standardization - security Andreas Schmid
IFA, Sankt Augustin

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