Conducting a test

Tests are conducted with reference to the "Rules of Procedure for Testing and Certification carried out by the Testing and Certification Bodies in DGUV Test" (DGUV Principles 300-003, formerly BGG/GUV-G 902). The DGUV principles are available in the form of a brochure from your accident insurance institution or from the DGUV publications database.

The request form (PDF, 76 kB, nicht barrierefrei) with which the test is commissioned from the IFA is available for download.

You can complete it online by moving from field to field with the tab key. After completing the form, you can print it out and save your own copy.

Simply sign the completed form and send it together with the required documents to:

Institut für Arbeitsschutz der DGUV (IFA)
Alte Heerstrasse 111
53757 Sankt Augustin

Testing Principles


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