Declaration on Accessibility

The Institute for Occupational Safety and Health of the German Social Accident Insurance (IFA) makes every effort to ensure that its software applications are accessible in accordance with the provisions of the German Federal Disability Discrimination and General Equal Treatment Act (BGG) and the Ordinance on Accessibility in Information Technology (BITV 2.0), which implements Directive (EU) 2016/2102.

This accessibility declaration (latest version: 15.02.2024) applies to the version of the EMF-LIT tool currently available here: online available version of the EMF-LIT software

Conformity status

The accessibility requirements derive from Sections 3 (1) to (4) and 4 of the BITV 2.0, which was adopted in accordance with Section 12d of the BGG.

The review of compliance with the requirements is based on an internal assessment conducted on 15.02.2024.

The assessment shows the software to be consistent in part with the requirements referred to above.

In what respect is the software not accessible?

  • EMF-LIT is specialist software made available by the IFA. Expertise in electromagnetic fields is therefore required for its use. The software is intended for a small group of users who possess the relevant expertise. It is not designed for people with cognitive impairments.
  • EMF-LIT can be operated without use of a mouse.
  • EMF-LIT contains no audio or video material.
  • Persons with a visual impairment can use Windows Magnifier to enlarge the display.
  • Persons with impaired colour vision may have difficulty distinguishing the curves on the graphs.
  • The EMF-LIT software and the associated help texts are not available in plain language.
  • The EMF-LIT software and the associated help texts are not available in sign language.

Date of the declaration

This declaration was produced on 15.02.2024.

Reporting obstacles to accessibility: contacting persons responsible for feedback

Do you wish to inform us of obstacles to access, or ask us for information on implementing accessibility? If so, please send your feedback and any further information to this email address: