We would appreciate you adding a link to GESTIS substance database to your page. There are two possibilities of linking:

1. Link to the GESTIS substance database start page

Link to
By using this alias address, you make sure that internal reorganisation of the web site structure will not affect your link.

2. Link to a specific substance data sheet within GESTIS substance database

Link to$fn=default-doc.htm$3.0$vid=gestiseng:sdbeng

The six-digit number in the middle of the link is the ZVG number, in this case 010520 for formaldehyde. If the ZVG number has less than six digits, leading zeros have to be added.

A table contrasting ZVG number with CAS number, EC number and INDEX number (XLSX, 781 kB) (processed in July 2020) is available for download.

3. Link to a specific chapter in a substance data sheet

Simply add one of the following extensions to the link given in section 2:

Chapter Extension
Regulations (incl. GHS classification) $an=#1100
Toxicology/Ecotoxicology $an=#0500
Physical and chemical properties $an=#0600
Occupational health and first aid $an=#5000
Safe handling $an=#0800
Links $an=#1400
References $an=#0900