Mobility 2020! More training – more mobility – more participation for wheelchair users

Project No. FF-FR 0247


completed 03/2021


The need for mobility training and education in the use of wheelchairs is still very high in Germany, as many people with mobility impairments do not have sufficient skills to cope with the challenges and obstacles of everyday life. Although there are isolated offers to promote mobility, there is a widespread lack of such offers. Since self-determined mobility is an essential prerequisite for maintaining quality of life and participation in social life, the project "Mobility 2020" was intended to test the feasibility and effectiveness of standardised mobility training for the mobility of wheelchair users. In addition, the effects of mobility training on physical activity, social and occupational participation and health-related quality of life were recorded.


In order to achieve the goals, a mobility training for wheelchair users was developed participatively at the beginning of the project. This was carried out at each location on two mobility training dates at intervals of four weeks. At both appointments, wheelchair mobility was measured using the AMR® test (activity test for mobility in a wheelchair) in a waiting-control group design. In addition, the parameters subjective mobility, social and occupational participation and quality of life were assessed by means of a questionnaire. Between the measurement points, the participants were able to practise on their own using an internet platform with exercise modules.


The findings from the project significantly prove the positive effects of the mobility training. Both the mobility objectively measured by the AMR® and the participants subjective perception of their own mobility were significantly increased by the training programme. In addition to the improvement in mobility, the positive effect of the increase in mobility on the health-related quality of life and the mobility of the participants on their way to work was also proven in the course of the study. These results confirm the effectiveness of the training concept.

With "Mobility 2020", wheelchair users, trainers, potential payers and service providers in rehabilitation, prevention and integration assistance now have a scientifically based procedure based on many years of experience that is accepted by potential users. This can effectively support the rehabilitation and integration process towards more participation in life in society.

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30 Dec 2021


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  • Deutsche Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung e. V. (DGUV)
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  • Forschungsinstitut für Inklusion durch Bewegung und Sport gGmbH

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Mobility training, participation, wheelchair