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Each occupation can be defined by a number of occupational activities. The data determined for all workers in an occupation, which may exhibit minor deviations, must be merged at the end of the process into a profile for a specific occupation. The information relevant to work and exposure is structured for this purpose with the GENESIS-CODE developed at the IFA. Each occupation studied is classified by means of this code with the levels "occupation", "occupational activity group" and finally "occupational activities". Where occupations or individual tasks within an occupation differ, separate measurements must be performed.

The structure with the levels of "occupation", "occupational activity group" and "occupational activities" described above is used for selection in the search form of the resulting catalogue of the tasks studied.

Open catalogue of tasks (German)

Should a profile not yet exist for an occupation, you can report the need for research to the IFA at .


The database and the register contained within it may be used for the purposes of occupational safety and health, i.e. for analysis of the data compiled by means of GENESIS-UV. Use for commercial purposes is not permitted.


The database providing an overview of the task profiles has been created and tested with the greatest possible care. No liability can however be assumed, on whatever legal basis, for the correctness of the results.


The register of task profiles was produced by the Institute for Occupational Safety and Health of the German Social Accident Insurance (IFA).


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