Limit Values Romania

The list of occupational exposure limit values (Valori limita de expune profesionala, VLEP) was issued by the government decision 1218/2006, amended by the government decision 1/2012, passed by the Romanian government.

The OEL-deriving committee in Romania is named "Comisia pentru securitate și sănătate în muncă privind agenții chimici periculoși" (Commission for Safety and Health on Work with Dangerous Chemical Agents). The committee has a governmental affiliation and was founded by the Ministry of Health together with the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Protection. The committee consists of experts from the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Labour (scientists and political representatives), representatives from the chemical industry union and an academic representative from the University of Bucharest. The committee’s task is to establish occupational exposure limit values for hazardous chemicals in accordance with existing relevant scientific and technical data, taking into account the existing limit values in the European Union (EU).

The OEL values are, unless specified otherwise, the time-weighted average of the concentration of a chemical agent in the air within the breathing zone of a worker in relation to a specified reference period, i.e. 8 hours or 15 minutes (short-term).

For any chemical agent which has an indicative OEL value at EU-level, a binding national OEL value is established, taking into account the EU limit value. For chemical agents with binding OEL values set by the EU, a binding national OEL, not exceeding the EU OEL, is established. The binding national OEL values shall reflect feasibility factors while maintaining the goal of ensuring the health of workers.

July 2018