"GISMET - Testing a hazardous substances information system for the metal-working industry

Project No. VMBG 06#026




Correct information is the basic precondition for the correct handling of hazardous substances. Most often, users are informed by manufacturers in a simple and reduced way; here, primarily the marking of the bunch in accordance with applicable legislation is used. The safety data sheet provides second, more detailed information. From this mentioned information, the manufacturer is obliged to generate workplace-specific instructions for use for employees handling their products.

Until now, there has been no electronically supported system available for the metal-working industry. This makes it increasingly difficult for the enterprises to fulfil the requirements of legislation regarding correct handling of hazardous substances. Therefore, a quick and simple access to information is an essential facilitation for all enterprises using chemicals. Moreover, a user-friendly information system means to minimize accident risks, to develop instructions for use in a more precise and less time-consuming manner and to instruct employees understandably. Development and testing of a hazardous substances information system for the metal-working industry (GISMET) is the aim of the campaign. The hazardous substances information system provides basic data on risk determination and assessment for enterprises within the organizational domain of the VMBG.


The campaign starts thematically with products for metal surface cleaning (compilation, analysis and entry of information from the safety data sheets and technical information sheets). Other thematic fields will be defined in co-ordination with the VMBG.

GISMET will contain information about the correct and law-abiding handling of chemical substances and products used in the metal-working industry. There will be a close co-operation with the responsible persons of the hazardous substances information system GISBAU of the institutions for statutory accident insurance and prevention in the building trade. The GISBAU software will be used.


Final results are expected not earlier than end of 2008.

Last Update:

24 May 2007


Financed by:
  • VMBG - Vereinigung der Metall-Berufsgenossenschaften
Research institution(s):
  • Kooperationsstelle DGB-Gewerkschaften/Hochschulen Hamburg

metal working

Type of hazard:

dangerous substances


information system

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hazardous substances, chemicals, information system, electronic system, metal-working industry