Development of a practical system to determine the working time of company doctors and safety specialists on the basis of the risk assessment in compliance with §§ 5 and 6 of the Occupational health law for enterprises of the VMBG

Project No. VMBG 06#024




With scientific support, the VMBG campaign is intended to develop a practicable system with the aim to determine the working time of company doctors and safety specialists on the basis of the risk assessment. The results of the campaign are also to be conferrable to small-size enterprises.

Contemporary legal bases of the occupational health law (here: BGV A2 UVV "Betriebsärzte und Fachkräfte für Arbeitssicherheit") submit the working times of company doctors and safety specialists to a rigid calculation scheme, resulting in the actual hazards in the company failing to be taken into account appropriately.

The objective of the campaign consists in the development of a modern procedure which emphasizes the entrepreneur's own responsibility and takes into account the realistic situation in the metal-working branch of industry. Within the framework of the campaign, the relevant effort necessary to allow an effective and optimized supervision by company doctors and safety specialists is to be determined.


1. Development of different model approaches for working time calculation
2. Basic supervision models
3. Hazard-oriented approaches to working time calculation
4. Practical test
5. Development of the final model


The campaign was started up in September 2005. Conclusion of the campaign is expected for middle of 2007.

Last Update:

24 May 2007


Financed by:
  • VMBG - Vereinigung der Metall-Berufsgenossenschaften
Research institution(s):
  • Bergische Universität, Wuppertal

metal working

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Arbeitnehmer, Analyseverfahren, Informationssystem

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employee, analytical method, information system, working time determination, working time calculation, working time model, company doctors, safety specialists, risk assessment