Children and preventive health research: field launch of workshop modules for childcare professionals

Project No. IFA 1129


completed 11/2019


A range of prevention issues arise in children's daycare facilities and primary schools that impact upon the health of both the children and the childcare professionals and teachers. For example, approximately 28,000 children aged under 15 were injured in traffic accidents in Germany in 2013. Of these, around one in four was injured whilst walking. Long-term health risks such as noise are also highly relevant.

Experiments on five prevention topics and a concept for two one-day workshops were developed in the course of IFA Project 5132, "Children and preventive health research". The content is aimed directly at the childcare professionals and teachers and has already been tested in practice.

Following production of the content, the aim of the new project was to transfer it to day-care facilities and primary schools. For this purpose, an accompanying brochure was to be produced containing background information, literature references and further ideas for experiments. A two-day workshop was also to be developed for multipliers, who were then in turn to be able to train teachers and childcare professionals.


The 15 experiment cards produced to date, on the topics of visibility in road traffic, tripping/slipping/falling, hygiene and skin protection, household toxins and noise, have now been supplemented by two further experiment cards and five cards describing games involving noise and movement. To round off the package as a whole, the content for an accompanying brochure has been created. In addition to providing background information and further ideas for experiments, this also explores the educational topics of "development of children's hazard awareness" and "prevention culture in children's day-care facilities" in greater depth. At the same time, the brochure addresses the role of childcare professionals and teachers as learning facilitators who – together with the children – shape the research activity. An initial two-day workshop for multipliers was developed and organized, and was attended by interested parties from five of the German Social Accident Insurance Institutions for the public sector. It covered topics relevant in the summer.


The new experiment cards, which have already been published, make a comprehensive collection of ideas for experiments and games available for each of the five subject areas. The accompanying brochure contains more in-depth information in the form of further ideas for research, educational and scientific background information, and tips for practical implementation in day-care facilities and schools. Once the layout has been completed, it will also be published on the project website. Those attending the first multiplier workshop have already expressed their interest in a further training event, which is planned for the spring of 2020 and will cover topics relevant in winter. Altogether, this project has developed comprehensive materials for independent study, and content for workshops by means of which the prevention-related content can be implemented effectively in as many day-care facilities and primary schools as possible.

The project and its content have been presented and promoted at a number of national and international events.

Last Update:

21 Apr 2020


Financed by:
  • Deutsche Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung e. V. (DGUV)
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  • Institut für Arbeitsschutz der Deutschen Gesetzlichen Unfallversicherung (IFA)
  • Institut für Arbeit und Gesundheit der Deutschen Gesetzlichen Unfallversicherung (IAG)
  • Unfallkasse Rheinland-Pfalz

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