Safety engineering with radio frequency identification - module 1 bases

Project No. FFFP 0258


completed 12/2006


Identification of application orientated Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) instruments to improve the operational safety and health protection.


- Analysis of accident statistics and endangerment evaluations for the identification of possible RFID applications
- Organization of workshops
- Production of requirement specifications for an exemplary RFID application


This project should yield those areas of prevention for the accident insurance, in which deeper relevance for the use of RFID technology exists. Therefore risk assessments and accident statistics were analysed. In two workshops with representatives of science, economics and statutory accident insurance potential applications were identified and discussed:

- Supervision of carrying necessary personal protective equipment (PPE)
- Supervision of functionality of PPE
- Supervision of carrying appropriate PPE against falling
- Examination of maintenance intervals for small carried electronic equipment
- Emergency shut-down for the use on butchery machines
- Supervision of dangerous areas (at the rear of construction vehicles)
- Supervision of storage ban in multi chemical facilities

For the second part of the project, which is currently underway, three concrete examples from everyday work life were chosen and corresponding firms have assured participation in the projects:

1. Construction logistics
On some construction sites a container for access control is installed. The possible extension of this application to control the personal protection equipment should be extended.

2. Automotive
With the use of RFID a documentation of washing cycles for gloves should be realized. After a defined number of washing cycles the gloves should be segregated to prevent potential injury risks from worn gloves.

3. Semiconductors
Poisonous gases are used in closed production areas. The site is supervised by gas sensors as well as a fire alarm system. In case of emergency there is no quick and reliable detection method if all areas are completely evacuated by the employees. On the base of RFID a corresponding supervising system should be implemented and tested.

Last Update:

2 Mar 2007


Financed by:
  • Hauptverband der gewerblichen Berufsgenossenschaften (HVBG)
Research institution(s):
  • Bergische Universität, Wuppertal

-cross sectoral-

Type of hazard:

Gefahrstoffe, Mechanische Gefährdungen


Sicherheitstechnik, Arbeitsschutzsystem, Persönliche Schutzausrüstung

Description, key words:

safety engineering, radio frequency engineering (RFID), personal protection equipment (PPE), operational safety