Optimizing the rehabilitation of hand injuries - an analysis of influencing effects and adaptation of a specialized hand rehabilitation

Project No. FF-FR 0229


completed 09/2015


In preparation of the implementation of a specialized hand rehabilitation program within the DGUV the already existing concepts and resources of the BG-hospitals must be analyzed.

The aim of "Analysis of hand rehabilitation programs in different BG-hospitals" was to get an general overview of the current hand rehabilitation programs within the DGUV.


The data for the analysis of the hand rehabilitation programs were obtained by creating a specific survey, consisting of 14 questions. This survey was send to the relevant departments to confirm whether the aim of optimizing the hand rehabilitation program would be achievable. A review of the hand rehabilitation programs was drafted.


All hospitals in the DGUV could be included into the project. In total 1742 patients were treated in specialized hand rehabilitation departments in 2014. The amount of possible treated patients differs from ten to 38 per hospital. The duration of rehabilitation is averaged 24,7 days with six hours of therapy per day. The structure of personal differs greatly between the hospitals, which is mainly based on the different types of organization of the departments. The high percentage of specialized hand surgeons as well as occupational therapists specialized on hand therapy is important to correctly address the variety of pathologies. Concerning diagnostics as well as options for therapy the hospitals are almost alike.

The results of the project FR 229 "Analysis of hand rehabilitation programs in different BG-hospitals" show that all hospitals within the DGUV could implement changes in their hand rehabilitation programs resulting from a possible following project with the aim of further analyzing and optimizing the specialized hand rehabilitation program. Especially the high number of over 1700 patients per year underlines the importance of a successful rehabilitation in socioeconomics.

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10 Aug 2016


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  • Deutsche Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung e. V. (DGUV)
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  • Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin

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hand injuries, hand rehabilitation