Safety engineering with radio frequency identification - modules 2 & 3

Project No. FF-FP 0278


completed 08/2008


Identification of application orientated RFID instruments to improve the operational safety and health protection.


- Ordering of equipment
- Concept for application and scenarios
- Realisation of the concept for application
- Testing of technical equipment
- Laboratory studies and modifications
- Constructions of a demonstrator
- Preparations for field tests


The present research report subsumes the development, testing and optimization of appropriate RFID-based instruments for a sustainable enhancement of occupational health and safety. The particular focus is placed on the development of an automatic control system for the completeness of personal protective equipment with regard to the operating range. In this manner it can be attained that people entering danger zones carry the PPE required. According to a modular concept developed, PPE control can optionally be linked up with access control, a time recording system, the adherence to PPE test dates or technical certification of PPE items.
The introduced RFID-instruments supplement existing management systems and directives of occupational health and safety with an additional control entity and sensitize the jobholders to the concerns of health and safety issues.

Last Update:

6 Aug 2009


Financed by:
  • Deutsche gesetzliche Unfallversicherung (DGUV)
Research institution(s):
  • Bergische Universität Wuppertal

-cross sectoral-

Type of hazard:

Gefahrstoffe, Mechanische Gefährdungen


Persönliche Schutzausrüstung, Sicherheitstechnik, Neue Technologien

Description, key words:

safety engineering, radio frequency identification (RFID), personal protection equipment (PPE), operational safety, transponder, tags, RFID in construction industry, construction site, access control, control station for the completeness of personal protective equipment, sensitization of personnel