Development of an internet system for occupational safety and health research information

Project No. BIA 0058


completed 11/1999


The Internet offers lots of information concerning occupational safety and health research. Due to the increasing number of information and as a result of the decentralised structure of the Internet, users will find it difficult to retrieve and utilise this information. For this reason, a new information structure - easy to comprehend and access - had to be created.


The new organisation of the data makes it possible to offer the information on occupational safety and health research in a structured way. The data is subdivided into information on institutes conducting research, institutions funding research, research projects, publications and special research topics, as i.e. stress or changes in the world of work. The system enables this information to be collected, stored and distributed via Internet. Information from states outside of the European Union was collected during the first phase of the project.


The data about occupational safety and health research collected from the states outside of the European Union is now provided online via the network of the European Agency for Occupational Safety and Health. It is planned to complete the actual offer in the course of the project by improving the search functions and adding special topics, e.g. musculo-skeletal disorders.

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Last Update:

3 May 2000


Financed by:
  • Europäische Agentur für Sicherheit und Gesundheit bei der Arbeit
  • Bilbao
Research institution(s):
  • INRS (Frankreich)
  • BIA (Deutschland)
  • FIOH (Finnland)
  • AMI (Dänemark)
  • NIWL (Schweden)
  • BAuA (Deutschland)
  • INSHT (Spanien)
  • TNO (Niederlande)
  • Prevent (Belgien)
  • HSE (Großbritannien)

-cross sectoral-

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Informationssystem, Prävention

Description, key words:

internet, information system, occupational safety and health, research