Shipping containers for sample carriers

Project No. BIA 0038


completed 12/1992


Within the scope of their hazardous substances measurement system (BGMG), the German institutions for statutory accident insurance and prevention take chemical and biological air samples at workplaces and send them for analysis to the BG institute for occupational safety (BIA). The sample carriers are filter cartridges in a range of sizes, and absorber tubes filled with activated charcoal or silica gel. The samples are generally sent by post or by courier services. Damage to the samples must be avoided under all circumstances.


The wide variation in sample carrier shape necessitated development of a system which permitted the highest possible packing density. The system was also required to be impact- absorbing, temperature-insulating, and adequately leak-proof. Consideration was to be given to the standards to packaging dimensions and weight.


Shipping containers manufactured from polystyrene were developed capable of accommodating a range of filter cartridges and sampling tubes. The shipping containers can be stacked up to four high. The topmost container is sealed with a lid, thereby ensuring secure transport.

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4 Oct 2000


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  • Hauptverband der gewerblichen Berufsgenossenschaften (HVGB)
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  • Berufsgenossenschaftliches Institut für Arbeitssicherheit - BIA

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dangerous substances


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polystyrene packaging for sample shipping