Spectral Elektromyografie(EMG)-mapping in the lumbar region and EMG-polygraphy of the functionally important trunk muscles during systematised lifting tests

Project No. BG18 #031


completed 12/1996


Determining the important strain- and EMG-parameters and their correlation when lifting and carrying loads


Determination of spine-muscle activities during, lifting and carrying loads


The load/strain during lifting work is not restricted to the lumbar area: as well as the trunk muscle system the shoulder girdle muscle system is also considerably involved; the maximum demands made on the muscular system occur in the lumbar area during lifting of weights and in the shoulder girdle area during lowering of weights; there is no linear increase in EMG-performance with weight (saturation characteristic), maximum work is transferred to the cranial-lateral area with increased load.


Referat auf "Prävention von berufs-/arbeitsbedingten Gesundheitsstörungen und Erkrankungen - 2. Erfurter Tage" 12/95

Last Update:

22 Aug 2000


Financed by:
  • Berufsgenossenschaft Nahrungsmittel und Gaststätten
Research institution(s):
  • Institut für pathologische Physiologie der Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena
  • Arbeitsgruppe Motorik

food industry

Type of hazard:

handling of loads


Heben und Tragen von Lasten, Ergonomie, Messverfahren

Description, key words:

Muscle system functioning when lifting loads