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The clinics

The statutory accident insurance institutions maintain nine accident clinics, two clinics for occupational diseases, and two accident treatment centres and specialized wards.

Their facilities include special departments for the treatment of:

  • Paraplegia
  • Severe craniocerebral injuries
  • Burns
  • Hand injuries and plastic surgery

All accident clinics have intensive-care units with comprehensive, modern equipment. They are able to provide care to several severely injured patients simultaneously. For fast transport of accident victims, emergency doctors' vehicles and rescue helicopters are on standby at all times. Highly qualified doctors and nursing staff, psychologists, educationalists, occupational and work therapists, physiotherapists, mobility trainers and sports instructors are employed in the clinics; the accident victims thus receive preliminary care and rehabilitation measures under one roof, and can be discharged healthy and ready for work.

The clinics on the Internet www.bg-kliniken.de

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