The Return on Work Reintegration

Therapist makes movement exercise with patient

Source: © BG RCI, Bertram

A new ISSA report confirms that investments in rehabilitation and work reintegration “pay off” for employers, social security systems and society at large.

Following the success of the ISSA report Calculating the international return on prevention for companies: Costs and benefits of investments in occupational safety and health, the ISSA Technical Commission on Insurance against Employment Accidents and Occupational Diseases has successfully completed a study on the financial effectiveness of return-to-work measures and calculated the “return on investment” for employers, social security systems and society.

The study uses financial balance sheets for employers, social security systems and society to estimate the global return on investments directed at medical and vocational rehabilitation measures with the goal of permitting reintegration in the workplace. Presented in the form of estimated cost-benefit ratios, the consolidated results demonstrate the large economic return from investing in work reintegration measures.