Testing and certification bodies' coordination groups

"Recommendation for Use" sheets

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The DGUV Test testing and certification bodies are very involved in the national and European co-ordination groups of the approved/notified bodies and provide several chairpersons for those groups.

European co-ordination of notified bodies

The 'Recommendation for Use' (RfU) sheets of the european co-ordination groups help the notified bodies to harmonize testing and certification.

"Recommendation for Use" sheets for Personal Protective Equipment

"Recommendation for use" sheets for machinery and safety components:
RfU sheets, that have been endorsed by the Machinery Working Group, are published on the Commissions website. Horizontal RfU sheets apply to all types of machinery listed in Annex IV of the Machinery Directive. Other RfU sheets are of a vertical nature and apply more specifically to a particular category of machinery listed in Annex IV.

"Recommendation for Use" sheets for Machinery

German co-ordination of approved testing and certification bodies

The German co-ordination groups of approved bodies consist of german notified bodies and the testing and certification bodies who are allowed to award the GS-mark.

Decisions of the Co-ordination group for Machinery (EK 9)


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