International Strategy Conference on Safety and Health at Work


The guiding thought behind OSH is to make work safe and healthy – even with the challenges associated with a constantly changing working and living environment.

The five topics of the 4th International Strategy Conference represent the key trends and content from the current discussions on safety and health at work.

Topics 1 - 5

Vision Zero: from vision to reality

People centered

Healthy work – healthy life

Demographic change

Work in a digital world
A world of work where zero fatal and severe accidents is possible. The focus of prevention is the person within their relationships. The protection of occupational safety and health needs to be integrated with the promotion of good health. Each age has its own capabilities and challenges. The way we will work and live in the future will be totally different.

These top 5 topics should provide clear guidance to OSH and improve accord between existing strategies.


The world is how we see it.

The topics of the 4th International Strategy Conference will be dealt with from four different perspectives. The perspectives represent the process of strategy development: at the start of strategy development is an idea, a vision. This is followed by a structural framework which provides enough freedom for strategic decisions. Then comes an action plan for what needs to be done and finally specific tools and instruments for implementing the strategy.

Operative goals
Dream a dream!
Imagine the future
Draft a framework.
Explore an already
existing strategy
Formulate indicators and milestones for action Experience good practice examples, campaigns and networks