Efficacy and cost-effectiveness of occupational safety and health measures

Effective and sustainable prevention activity reduces the incidence of accidents, occupational diseases and work-related health hazards in companies. The IAG studies the effectiveness of the German Social Accident Insurance Institutions' prevention measures and how resources can be targeted even more effectively.

Research and development

The IAG evaluates the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of prevention measures on behalf of its clients. Examples of such measures are seminars and training courses, campaigns, journals and hotlines, and also regulations and management systems. The institute conducts research with reference to standardized methods, models and survey instruments. Its work is geared to the evaluation standards of DEGEVAL, the association for evaluation.


The IAG runs a number of seminars on the topic of evaluation. For those new to the topic, the seminar entitled "Questionnaires, Tests, Interviews & Co.: principles and methods of evaluation for assessment of the efficacy of OSH measures" is recommended. In this seminar, interested parties learn how to measure the effects of measures reliably, and how to use survey instruments. On behalf of its customers, the IAG also conducts topic-specific workshops on evaluating prevention campaigns and training provision.


The IAG offers consulting on all stages of an evaluation. The surveys are conducted with e-questionnaires (local or Internet-based). The IAG also conducts interview studies and workshops with the target groups.


Since 2010, the IAG has organized the Evaluation discussion event. This event is intended for all employees of the German Social Accident Insurance Institutions who are planning or commissioning evaluations or performing them themselves.


Dr. Annekatrin Wetzstein
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