International cooperation

Since the individuals insured by the German Social Accident Insurance Institutions increasingly work in companies operating worldwide and across national borders, and the equipment used at workplaces may be produced anywhere in the world, prevention is no longer a purely national topic. For these reasons, the IAG is engaged in developments in prevention not only nationally, but also at European and international level.

Joint activity and networks

Against this backdrop, the IAG is particularly involved in European networks such as ENETOSH and EASOM and works closely in joint programmes alongside European and international organizations such as the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work and the International Social Security Association. Bilateral activity is also conducted with partners such as the Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency, the Pacific Coast University for Workplace Health Sciences in Canada, and the AUVA in Austria and SUVA in Switzerland.

As a model institution for training in occupational safety and health, the IAG is also an important point of contact for delegations and study groups from numerous countries around the world. And finally: the IAG contributes directly through its work to implementation of the international Vision Zero campaign, and thus to the development of a worldwide and comprehensive culture of prevention.

Research and consulting

The IAG works with other OSH institutes, particularly those of its European partners, on topical research issues. Ageing workforces and the shortage of skilled personnel for example are topics for which solutions can be developed jointly. The consequences of growing digitalization and the associated stresses are also topics that are being addressed in equal measures by our partners and ourselves. The IAG is for example involved in the PEROSH research association, and supports projects for developing the terms of reference for European standardization activity. Research is also being conducted jointly into the evaluation of prevention measures.


Good work, worldwide: the IAG makes a contribution in this area through its training provision. Through the G7's global Vision Zero Fund, the institute offers custom international training courses. The aim of these courses is to use social dialogue in order to improve working conditions worldwide, establish higher safety standards, and create decent working conditions within global supply chains. In addition, the IAG cooperates with the International Social Security Association through the ISSA Academy, holding international workshops and seminars on the ISSA Guidelines on Prevention of Occupational Risks.


Conferences are a further area through which the IAG promotes the pooling of experience and reflection upon positions at international level. Since 2009, the institute has organized the International Strategy Conference on Safety and Health at Work on behalf of the DGUV. At this conference, national and international organizations network and share ideas and strategies for improving workplace safety and health. The series of international events under the heading "Safe and healthy university" addresses how universities can be made safe and healthy places of work and learning.

Germany, Austria and Switzerland host a trinational conference for dialogue on workplace health promotion. The IAG is involved in this conference through the Initiative Health and Work (iga).

The IAG had a leading role in planning and organizing the XX World Congress on Safety and Health at Work 2014 in Frankfurt. It was involved in the XXI World Congress 2017 in Singapore with several specialist lectures and an event of its own.