Occupational safety and health management

The systematic integration of safety and health into work processes translates into better operating results. The IAG conducts research in the area of corporate health management (CHM) and offers seminars and events on the subject.

Research and development

The IAG conducts research in the area of corporate health management (CHM), and supports the German Social Accident Insurance Institutions in providing advice to their member companies. In the diagnostic phase, the IAG provides practical support in the selection of instruments for analysis of the existing situation, and advises the institutions during the performance of surveys and analysis of the results. The IAG also assumes responsibility for developing and validating instruments, and conducts surveys across multiple accident insurance institutions.

In the phases of intervention and intervention planning, the IAG provides support in facilitation, coaching and consulting within companies. Owing to its joint activities with the statutory health insurance funds, it is able to facilitate contact with these bodies. In the evaluation phase, information can be gained on possible improvements to the process and on demonstration of the efficacy of CHM. The IAG conducts research into suitable instruments for this purpose, and conducts studies of the efficacy of CHM.


The IAG offers comprehensive training in CHM with its training course for individuals as health managers. It also offers a series of seminars for the enhancement of personal health and health skills, for example regarding coping with stress. For the area of OSH management, the IAG offers a series of seminars that include both principles and further training for individuals as assessors and advisors.


Besides implementation of the results of research in the field, the IAG offers support in this area through work analyses, employee surveys, and coaching and facilitation of group processes.


A key event is the DGUV technical discussion on the subject of corporate health management/workplace health promotion. Through the CHM coordinating point at the DGUV, the IAG also promotes discussion of CHM between the players within the accident insurance institutions.


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