Room Climate

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It’s all about the right climate!

We all know what it’s like – whether at home, in our leisure activities or on holiday, if the climate isn’t right, we don’t feel right. We’re listless and not really interested in physically strenuous activities.

It’s a similar story at work because our “thermal wellbeing” plays an important role there too. Our attentiveness, concentration and overall performance depend significantly on the climate conditions around us.

This interactive facility enables participants to ‘feel’ different climate conditions and assess them using various parameters.

Facility resources and features

  • Adjustable temperature range of +15°C to +35°C in the entire climate chamber
  • Adjustable humidity range of 30% to 70% relative humidity in the entire climate chamber
  • Possibility to connect panel heaters which radiate heat in an adjustable temperature range of 10°C to 50°C
  • Ability to vary supply and exhaust air via the ceiling and/or the floor
  • System for measuring the key climate parameters
  • Hand-held devices for measuring heat radiation, temperature and humidity at the workplace

Topics covered

  • Simulation of various room climate conditions
  • Discovering how climate conditions affect our health and well-being when performing physical activities ranging from relatively easy to extremely strenuous
  • Simulation of workplaces under different climate conditions, including the effect of personal protective equipment on people’s sense of well-being
  • Measurement of climate parameters and assessment of the climate conditions using various indices


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