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Working safely with dangerous machines – it can be done!

And to prove it, we’ve set up a complete woodworking shop where trainers provide comprehensive instruction on all aspects of woodworking, and participants have a hands-on opportunity to see how those aspects fit together. The seminar’s content, aids and equipment are selected according to typical accidents that are happening nowadays. We combine a diverse range of applications with a high degree of safety.

Other topics to which this facility lends itself are ergonomics, risk assessment, machinery noise, dust emission and fire protection.

Facility resources and features

  • Standard woodworking machinery such as panel saw, table-milling machine, surface planer, thickness planer, bandsaw, sanding machines, drills, etc.
  • A modern CNC machining centre
  • Extensive assortment of hand-held woodworking machinery
  • Multi-purpose work benches and modular units for converting hand-held machinery into stationary machinery
  • Various sheet transport trolleys
  • A multi-purpose assembly table
  • Numerous hand-held and stationary tools
  • A dust extraction table for hand sanding
  • Various mobile dust extractors
  • A modern dust-extraction system with filter and briquetting press

Topics covered

  • Safe use of woodworking machinery and hand-feed tools
  • Manipulating safety devices
  • Protection against dust and explosions, extraction technology and filter systems, mobile dust extractors
  • Ventilation
  • Risk assessment
  • Training
  • Investigating accidents
  • Training on inspecting workshops
  • Participants make their own workpieces
  • Using devices and aids made by the participants themselves
  • Ergonomics and woodworking


Mario Pahlke
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