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Human-friendly work or work-friendly human?

Ergonomics and ‘ergh!’ aren’t related! In fact, just the opposite: Ergonomics ensures that workplaces and working conditions are properly adapted to human characteristics and needs in order to prevent any health problems. The negative effects of strain on a person’s health and well-being because of poor ergonomics often only manifest themselves after a longer period of time.

Ergonomic design requires various components to come together: work equipment, work processes and the work environment. Seminar participants can learn about ergonomics and experience it hands-on at example workstations from different areas of work.

Facility resources and features

  • Example workstations from different areas of work (assembly workstation, sewing workstation)
  • Profile system consisting of tables at various heights, workstation lights, materials, equipment trolleys, roller conveyers, pre-installed assembly workstations
  • Assortment of differently designed tools
  • Bosch templates for construction drawing
  • Models of human anatomy
  • Work chairs, special chairs
  • Model of the ‘Work Ability House’

Topics covered

  • Designing various types of workstations: standing/sitting workstation, testing station, quality control workstation
  • Designing and evaluating work processes
  • Measuring physical strain and load
  • Lifting and carrying
  • Analysing and optimising your own workstation
  • Ergonomic design of work equipment


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