Workplace Health Management

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What is Workplace Health Management (WHM) and how can it be systematically integrated into a company’s structures and processes?

The WHM facility provides an overview of the basics of WHM, what it requires and what quality criteria should be used. The seminar also covers specific activities and measures associated with WHM. Participants learn about the elements behind systematically introducing and implementing a WHM system by walking around five info points:

  • Structural requirements: forming a steering group, planning resources, embedding WHM into company guidelines.
  • Analysis: participants learn about different qualitative and quantitative methods for analysing the status quo.
  • Intervention planning: short and long-term goals are set, based on the results of the analysis. Introduction to methods for preparing and planning interventions.
  • Intervention: various setting-based and behaviour-based preventive measures are compiled and discussed.
  • Evaluation: approaches and methods for evaluating structures, processes and results are shown.
  • As participants walk around the five info points in the room, they can contribute their own experiences and ideas. They also get all the essential information they need to successfully implement a WHM system.

Facility resources and features

  • Various info points which describe the five steps of WHM. Each info point allows for participant interaction.
  • Visual materials such as posters, brochures, playing cards, presentations, roll-up banners, wooden figures and pinboards
  • Exercise activities and videos

Topics covered

  • WHM: basics and systematic approach
  • Quality criteria and goals
  • In-depth information on the five core elements: structural requirements, analysis, intervention planning, intervention and evaluation
  • Legal requirements and relation to occupational safety and health


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