Work and Breaks

  • Work and Breaks

Designing healthy work breaks

The topic "work and break" is versatile and affects us all. In this interactive facility we inform about current scientific studies and questions on the topic of break design.

We present tips for a fresh kick in the workplace, demonstrate simple options for an active or passive break in everyday life and also include the experiences of the seminar participants. A broad repertoire of activating learning methods and many interactive elements make the interactive facility perceptible.

Facility resources and features

  • materials for active and passive break design
  • raffle tickets for breaks
  • 30 tips for breaks

Topics covered

  • analysis of your own break behaviour
  • a bit of theory: term, duration, legal basis of the work break
  • data, facts and current topics about breaks
  • practical tips for your own break design
  • examples of accident insurance institutions and examples of seminar participants
  • bibliography, material, publications on the subject
  • alternatives: an active or passive break design


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